Playlist Preview: Lebrosk im KGB Klub

Marc Schätzle

Ein Jahr gibt's den KGB Klub unterm Martinstor nun schon. Das wird dieses Wochenende mit dem Black Forest Breaks Festival gebührend gefeiert. Zu Gast am Freitag ist Lebrosk aus London, der uns einen Einblick gibt, mit welchen Tracks er dem Freiburger Publikum heute Abend einheizen will.

Diese Tracks hat Lebrosk dabei:

1. Madeon - Icarus

Awesome new track from 17 year old up and coming producer, Madeon. This track has got some almighty buildups and that signature French sound that sounds soooooo good on the dancefloor!

2. Doggy Mash - Calvertron
An oldie but a goldie... Love this broken up beat with some nice cut up Missy Elliott vocals for good effect.

3. A-Skillz - Sex Machine
A-Skillz has been smashing out some absolute bangers lately and this is no exception. Featuring vocals by James Brown and a nice dirty bassline for good measure.

4. 212 (Ft. Lazy Jay) - Azeelia Banks
One of Fatboy Slim's favourites at the moment and mine too. A very simple but great tune with an absolutely awesome breakdown in the middle.

5. Switch - I Still Love you (ft. Andrea Martin)

Not necessarily a jump up and down crowd rocker but you can't deny the beauty of this track. Great vocals over a smooth sexy broken beat.

6. Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Bassline Smith Remix)
A straight up, hands in the air drum & bass tune guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving. So much energy in this track!

7. Redlight - Get out my Head (INSa Bootylishus mix)
This is one of the biggest tracks of 2012 so far with more and more remixes coming out every day but this is my favourite one, fusing that classic piano melody over a nasty 140bpm jungle beat.

8. Justice - Helix (Don Diablo remix)
Just when you thought the original couldn't get any better, Don Diablo has come along and put his magic touch to it creating a serious dancefloor destroyer!

9. M83 - Midnight City (Eric Prydz remix)
Great remix of one of my favourite 2011 tracks from M83 and Eric Prydz has done a great job of remixing this monster!

10. That Your Girl (Skeet Skeet Remix)
Not sure what this genre comes under but I can't get enough of it. A very simple tune but works so well, can't wait to play this one out!

Black Forest Breaks Festival
Wann: Freitag, 2. Februar 2012, 22 Uhr
KGB Klub
Eintritt: bis 0 Uhr €7, danach €8

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