Playlist Preview (22): Roger 72 & The Walk

Marc Schätzle

Die Playlist-Preview: Wir befragen einen DJ, der am bevorstehenden Wochenende in einem Freiburger Club oder an einer Freiburger Party auflegen wird. Auf welche Platten freut sich unser Playlist-DJ ganz besonders? Was verbindet er mit diesen Platten? Warum wird er sie auflegen? Heute am Start: Roger 72 uns The Walk aus Amsterdam. Eine eine Playlist Preview in Englisch.

Die Schepperschiff-Reihe wird diesen Freitag mit den beiden Headlinern Rogerseventytwo und The Walk aus Amsterdam im Palladium fortgesetzt. Elektro meets French House mit Breakbeat, um mal eine grobe musikalische Sparte zu nennen. Weiter einheizen wird der Berliner Lobsang Rampa, der eigentlich ebenfalls der Headliner-Bezeichnung würdig ist. Los geht's dort um 22 Uhr, der Eintritt kostet € 6.

Und diese Platten haben Roger 72 und The Walk mit im Gepäck:

01. Plastikman - Spastik
If there is one track where the people go mad on, this is the track. And we all now it. Or not? Well, let me explain. It goes like: trrrrrrrrtttttttrrrrrrrrrrttttrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt. But we always have a surprise with this track. Because it's to easy to only play this track by itselfs.

02. SebastiAn – Walkman (re-edit)

The original track is perfect allready, but wait until you hear this edit made by SebastiAn himself. It will make you wild! 3: Thomas Bangalter – What To Do
A nostalgic song, one of the first records I bought. But still up to date enough that you can play every song of the EP. Bouncing beat with an excellent sample. You can do everything with the track.

04. Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte ( Boys Noize Edit )
Already a couple months old but still in our playlist and we play it each time. The break is hot!

05. Wildchild – Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim remix)
Again a classic. The vocals together with the uplifting beat form a perfect combination to jump!

06. Daft Punk - High Life
There isn't a set where we don't play Daft Punk. Because Daft Punk are the French teachers. And how good can they be if people still haven't found the sample of High Life! Timeless music and everbody wanna dance on this track. Will probably be our opening record. Or not?

07. Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122
He has done it again! Oizo is back with a great track combining a disco sample and an uplifting saxophone. Especially the moment where the saxophone kicks in is amazing.

08. Boys Noize - Feel Good ( TV=Off )
This song is tight! The intro is very long and suddenly it bangs out of the speakers and most of the time people go mad. There is a sort of funky vibe on the tracks altough it's a pretty rough boys noize styled track. So be prepared if you hear the intro: television, television, television, television....

09. The Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
This classis track has always been and will always be succesfull in the club. When the crowd hears the first sounds of this song, they recognize it immediately and they’ll go mad!

10. Rogerseventytwo - Paris Chic

I usually don't play my own songs very often, but it would be fun to check if you guys know the lyrics and can sing alone. And if you don't you better check and check out the song to print the vocals in your mind. I made the song with Fanny, a talented singer/songwriter and we're gonna record some more tracks for my upcoming EP.

Was: Tip Top - Electronic Music
Wann: Freitag, 11.06.07, 22 Uhr
Wo: Palladium, Eintritt € 6

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