Impressive! The Guardian über den SC Freiburg und die Freiburger Fußballschule

Carolin Buchheim

Nicht nur im aktuellen 11Freunde-Heft gibt's eine große SC Freiburg-Story, sondern auch im englischen Guardian. Unter der Headline "How Germany went from bust to boom on the talent production line" geht's vor allem um die Freiburger Fußballschule. Trainer Christian Streich beschreibt der Autor als "erudite and colourful" - belesen und schillernd.

"Last week the Guardian went behind the scenes at Freiburg, whose location, on the fringes of the Black Forest, is every bit as impressive as the work that goes on at the football school. The facility, which has four pitches including a small stadium, cost €10m in 2001, before the academy reforms were introduced and at a time when SC Freiburg was relegated from the Bundesliga, which gives an idea of how committed they are to producing players."


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