Was würdest Du für $100 Millionen Dollar kaufen?

Carolin Buchheim

Und zwar nicht für Dich selbst, sondern für Wikipedia? Jimmy Wales, Gründer der Wikipedia und Vorsitzender der Wikimedia Foundation stellte genau diese Fragen seinen fellow Wikipedians: Welche Copyrights würdet ihr für so viel Geld kaufen?

„I would like to gather from the community some examples of works you would like to see made free, works that we are not doing a good job of generating free replacements for, works that could in theory be purchased and freed.“ fragte Jimmy Wales die Community in seiner Nachricht, und ermutigte die Wikipedians, jeden Wunsch zu äußern.

„Dream big. Imagine there existed a budget of $100 million to purchase copyrights to be made available under a free license. What would you like to see purchased and released under a free license? Photos libraries? textbooks? newspaper archives? Be bold, be specific, be general, brainstorm, have fun with it.“

Und der Grund für diese Frage? „I was recently asked this question by someone who is potentially in a position to make this happen, and he wanted to know what we need, what we dream of, that we can’t accomplish on our own, or that we would expect to take a long time to accomplish on our own.“ Welcher Billionär da wohl hintersteckt? Und? Was würdet ihr für $100 Millionen kaufen damit es Teil der Public Domain wird? (via Slashdot)

Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia
- Spannender Artikel über Wikipedia von Marshall Poe, erschienen in Atlantic Monthly letzten Monat: The Hive