Playlist Preview: Major Lee Blunt im KGB Klub

Bernhard Amelung

Fünf Jahre hat der aus Bristol stammende Richard Rowe als DJ Major Lee Blunt in Freiburgs Nachtleben aktiv mitgemischt und mit seiner bassschweren Musik tausende Nachtschwärmer zum tanzen gebracht. An diesem Samstag heißt es Abschied nehmen, denn Rowe wird für einige Zeit nach Kanada ziehen. Davor lässt er's im KGB Klub noch einmal ordentlich krachen, als Support-Act von UK DMC-Champion JFB, Pari San und Beatbrenning. Was für Tunes er dabei hat, erzählt er in der heutigen Playlist Preview [auf Englisch].

Seven Lions - Tyvern

As Dubstep makes a huge influence on the quality of 'Bass Heavy' music, Seven Lions come onto my scene and create beautiful masterpieces like this, one of my favourite tunes currently which fusions every ideal of what I like to showcase with my sets.

Pyramid - No Games

Hard to single out one production from the awesome Pyramid duo in the past few years, big influence on my music in the past few years and also goes down well in Freiburg with their bouncy beats and rockin' bass.

601 - Blackout

Sampling the old skool classic Dub War, 601 make a huge monster of a track combining many elements of breaks, dubstep and nu-jungle; who said rave is dead?

Rack and Ruin - Mindscape

The 140 Nu-Jungle scene has really taken off in the UK and with Munkey Boy [InselAffe] leading the way in Germany with this sound, I also love to touch upon it and this production clearly sums up what Nu-Jungle will be bringing to the dancefloors.

Zomboy - Vancouver Beat Down

HaHa! Zomboy is one of Canada's rising electronic acts and totally destroying venues they play at, with a little synchronicity with my new destination and vibe, get ready for more 'mosh pits' at their events as well as mine!

Dorincourt - Phoenix

Now this guy really knows how to push a sound to its fullest, Phoenix is a combination of amazing concepts in today's crowded scenes and get ready for much more in the future, gunna make it big time with releases like this from this talented German producer.

Specimen A - I Will Not Lose

Again like Pyramid, going to be hard to single out one tune from one of the best electronic artists on the planet, 'I Will Not Lose' combines huge drops, breaks and many surprises which grab dancefloors in a unique way.

Calvertron - Battle Face

More future Dubstep, here the master of his own scene, Calvertron, sometimes i have to wait months, or even years before his music is understood on the dancefloors but when it does, I have never seen such reactions from the crowds, whole dancefloors going up and down in the Dubstep style groove, just breathtaking!

Feed Me x Ludacris - Cloud Low (Smash + Destroy Mashup)

More future bass sounds here, incorporating the catchy lyrics of Ludacris mashed up with so beautiful vocals of Tasha Baxter to create a stunning example of how I like to combine contrasts to ultimate effect.

Michael Buble - Feeling Good (JeniPlaya Dubstep remix)

Well my last track is a bootleg I usually finish my sets with, oddly enough I heard the original and recognized how amazing that would be to remix a Dubstep version, upon searching the web I found this little gem which has the power to grasp many audiences holding their hand to chest and singing along, awaiting the massive drop, sure winner.

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Was: JFB (UK DMC Champion) im KGB Klub. Support: Pari San & Beatbrenning (live), DJ Major Lee Blunt
Wann: Samstag, 29. September 2012, 23 Uhr.
Wo: KGB Klub