Playlist Preview: DJ Jamie

Manuel Lorenz

Die Playlist-Preview: Wir befragen einen DJ nach seinen Tracks, die er am Wochenende auf jeden Fall in einem Club auflegen wird. Auf welche Platten und Tracks freut sich unser Playlist-DJ ganz besonders? Was verbindet er mit diesen Liedern? Heute DJ Jamie, der am Abend im Great Räng Teng Teng auflegen wird.

Heute Abend findet in einem puffig-fluffigen Saloon namens The Great Räng Teng Teng der Blackforest Punk-Rock Clash statt. Das heißt: Zuerst Live-Mucke von The Hyphonics und The Transistors, dann - Motto: Shake Some Action - legen Jamie, Reno und King Kranz auf, und zwar so was wie Rocknroll, Punk, verschiedene Garagen, Surfiges und 60er Beat. Jamies Playlist zeigt, in welche Richtung sich der Abend bewegen wird.

Diese Tracks hat Jamie dabei:

01. The Dictators / Who Will Save Rock And Roll?
An anthemic rousing plea to future generations from Handsome Dick Manitoba and his consorts and as good a way to kick off an evening as I can think of.Anhören

02. The Detroit Cobras / Village of Love
Nathaniel Mayer’s old classic given a fresh coat of paint. The Detroit Cobras specialize in digging up long forgotten pearls and giving them the Cobra treatment.
03. The Bluestars / Social End Product
New Zealand isn’t an obvious place to look for a booming garage classic but you never know.

04. Howlin’ Wolf / Wang Dang Doodle
I always have Howlin’ Wolf on my playlist – raw emotion and no-one can even approach his howls.

05. Bo Diddley / We’re Gonna Get Married
Bo in a lighter mood although there’s usually plenty of humour either in the vocals or in playful guitar licks.

06. The Damned / Smash It Up
A bit of old school punk rock fun with the best exponents of punk rock fun at least their early phase.

07. The Saxons / Camel Walk
Lunacy with a pinch of silliness.

08. J. J. Jackson / Oo-Ma-Liddi
Another dance craze that didn’t quite catch on but what remains is just as much fun.

09. The Stems / She’s A Monster

A world without the Stems would be a poorer place. Super cool sixties organ and melodies sweet enough to make your ears schmurgel!

10. The Satelliters / Unknown State Of Mind
Darmstadt's finest and one of the finest bearers of the flame of 60’s style garage punk.


Mehr dazu:

Was: Shake Some Action mit Jamie, Reno & King Kranz
Wann: Samstag, 12. März 2011, 23 Uhr
Wo: The Great Räng Teng Teng
[Bild: Promo]