Playlist Preview (146): Major Lee Blunt

Marc Schätzle

Die Playlist-Preview: Wir befragen einen DJ nach den Tracks, die er auf jeden Fall bei einer Veranstaltung auflegen wird. Auf welche Platten und Tracks freut sich unser Playlist-DJ ganz besonders? Was verbindet er mit diesen Liedern? Dieses Mal: Major Lee Blunt. Er spielt morgen bei seiner Geburtstagsfete in der KGB-Bar. [Playlist Preview auf englisch]

Morgen Abend feiert der UK-Import Major Lee Blunt (Bild) seine Geburtagssause in der KGB-Sowjet-Bar. Zu hören gibt es einen Mix vom Inselaffe Soundsystem aus den Sparten Elektro, House und Breakbeat. 

Hier ein Auszug aus seiner Playlist:

01. Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Cash
It was a throw up between this and Bonkers. What a year for the UK artist and his version does Stevie V’s early housework justice, bringing back a vibe I think has been lost recently, big smiles when I hear this.Anhören
02. Manmade presents Beastie Nights
This piece of vinyl has been in my record bag since I bought it at the Urban Record Store, Freiburg a few years back now, the bootleg mashup from the massive funky Freiburg breaks Label Manmade Records always gets the crowd bumping whether it be a student night at Tageins or a late night fix of funk fuelled hedonism at Kamikaze.

03. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Sickly Child
A true piece of minimal beats/bass-line art! Haunting but progressive and to the point, just loving the wobbles layered up with punching synths here. A must for any Bassline addict.

04. La Roux – In for the Kill (Skream’s let’s get ravey mix)
The unforgettable vocals of Elly Jackson and Skream’s recent rise in the world of Dubstep have helped create what some people are saying is the tune of 2009, a mixture of styles builds throughout to a clear masterpiece of last year, simple, seducing and elegant.

05. Sir Chen – For The Funk
A recent edition to my bag but when I first heard I knew it would be huge, works in crossovers of house, breaks, electro and fidget sets. Quirky stabs and huge rises makes this a dancefloor monster and when that bass hits it just keeps getting better. One word... Quality!

06. DJ Assault – G-String (Paul Blackford Electro mix)
Been a huge fan of the Miami Bass artist, DJ Assault since his first releases back in 1997. His crude and blunt vocals always make me laugh and giggle. Here Paul Blackford’s mix does it for me and the floor; this also has not left my record bag for a few years. Top tune.

07. Beat Assassins - Boom Style feat Sweetie Irie
Picking up the pace and riddem as with my DJ sets the Beat Assassins have come into the scene with a storm in last few years. This piece of Irie Breaks heaven clearly picks up with an oldskool vibe but with modern day production makes it a real pleasure for the ears. Smoking stuff!

08. Jinx – Big Fat Ass feat Brainz
Another huge 4/4 Breaks and Bassline monster from Yellow Finger records which drops like a mofo. Works well on the techy floors with that stomping beat.

09. Ninfa – My Baby Left Me (Gigi Barocco mix)
Been digging Gigi’s work recently, this remix of Ninfa is a punky and funky fidget house wobbler, layered up with old skool breaks and massive bassline drops, played this in the Jackson Pollock recently and it really went off big time!

10. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Life Gets Better feat. Darrison
If you been to the Insel Affe Parties then you will know this as our ending track to try and calm everyone down after the craziness we provide on the dancefloor. It’s got a really special message that we believe in and Darrison’s got a great voice which complements the Irie vibes. Big Shoutz to all the Insel Crew, Urban Record Store and Rampfm for all the hard work and good times in the last few years i have been in Freiburg.

Was: Major Lee Blunts B-Day Party
Wann: Samstag, 23. Januar 2010, 22 Uhr
Wo: KGB-Bar
Eintritt: €3

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