Abschiedsgrüße aus Kanada: Adam Spylos Brief an die Fans

Dirk Philippi

Kein anderer polarisierte die Fans der Wölfe Freiburg jemals so sehr wie Adam Spylo, genannt Nittel, der wuchtige Eishockey-Hüne aus Waterloo/Ontario, Kanada. Nach dem Aufstieg in die 2. Bundesliga wird der 30-jährige, einst von den San Jose Sharks in der NHL gedraftete Stürmer, allerdings in der kommenden Saison nicht wieder für die Freiburger aufs Eis gehen. fudder bat nach den vorangegangenen Darstellungen der Wölfe GmbH auch Adam Spylo um seine Sicht der Dinge, die dieser heute in Form eines offenen Briefs kundtat.

[Anmerkung der Redaktion: Angesichts der kontroversen und teils emotionalen Debatte über den Hergang der Ereignisse entschieden wir uns dazu, den Text im englischen Original zu veröffentlichen.]

Adam Spylos offener Brief an die Fans vom 12.8.2008

Dear friends:

As much as I wanted to return to Freiburg this season, it is impossible for me to do so. I wanted to let my friends and fans of Freiburg know the circumstances as to why this is so.

As you all know from previous statements, I love Freiburg. Coming back last year to help the hockey team move on to the second league was the greatest feeling for myself. So you can imagine how excited I was when the management expressed to me that they would like to have me return for this season as a full member of the team. I worked very hard this summer with my brother Ahren to be in top shape and my own expectations were very high to be the best I can be.

At the end of March 2008, the management assured me that they were going to give me a contract for the 2008/9 season and that I should expect that contract within the 1st week of arriving back in Canada and accordingly I was suppose to return back to Freiburg on or about July 15th . Sadly, despite my attempts to contact the team management over the next several months, I never heard from anyone until the beginning of July. Meanwhile, I was getting disappointed as I didn't know what was in the true plans for me and the team. I had other obligations for medical tests in California which needed to be confirmed and the dates were set for August 4-8.

Suddenly, contact was made with me by team management at the beginning of July and they e-mailed me a disappointing two-month tryout contract. The tryout contract stipulated that I was to come to Freiburg for a mandatory medical and physical testing for July 28th. I explained to them that I am committed to medical examinations scheduled in California during the 1st week of August. However, they insisted that I must be in Freiburg on July 28th. Although the time difference alone would have made it physically and mentally difficult for me, I agreed to come to Freiburg on July 23 until July 29th for their physical and medical examinations. Next thing, the team management informed me that they did not want me back until August 12th for a 2-month tryout. This was NOT a contract. This gives in essence the team at their discretion and for any reason to send me back to Canada during the two months with no compensation to me. I told the team that I could not give up my life in Canada for a two month tryout contract in Freiburg.

As I promised the team management before I left Freiburg, I have worked out very hard during this summer and I feel I am in very good shape and pumped for the upcoming season. I would have loved to come back and help the team and there are no words I can express that would describe how saddened I am that the Freiburg hockey team feel they no longer require my services. Freiburg holds a special place in my heart and hopefully my loyal fans will remember me too.

Adam Spylo

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